Taoist Yoga

The Neidan manual of Zhao Bi Chen is recorded in his famous book “Xìng Mìng Fǎ Jué Míng Zhǐ (性命法决明指)” which can be translated as “The Cultivation of Essential Nature and Eternal Life”. His student Lù Kuān Yù (Charles Luk, 1898-1978) translated this book into English, which got published under the title “Taoist Yoga, Alchemy and Immortality”.


“Xìng Mìng Fǎ Jué Míng Zhǐ” ,

translated into English by Charles Luk

The book is a description of the sixteen step proces of inner alchemy. Consequently it consists of 16 chapters:

1. Fixing spirit in its original cavity

2. The microcosmic cauldron and stove

3. Clearing the eight psychic channels

4. Gathering the microcosmic outer alchemical agent

5. Quick and slow fires

6. Gathering the microcosmic inner alchemical agent

7. Holding on to the centre to realise the oneness of heaven and earth

8. Plunging spirit into the lower tan t’ien cavity

9. The immortal breathing or the self-winding wheel of the law

10. The method of gathering vitality

11. Driving the elixer of immortality into the cauldron

12. Preparing the elixer of immortality

13. Gathering the macrocosmic alchemical agent for the final breakthrough

14. Formation of the immortal foetus

15. The egress

16. Appearing in space


Zhao Ming Wang, Great Grandson of Zhao Bi Chen, wrote a book explaining the method:


Explanation of “Xìng Mìng Fǎ Jué Míng Zhǐ” by Zhao Ming Wang

The characters on the left “千峰后裔趙明旺” can be translated as Qianfeng descendant Zhao Ming Wang. The characters on the right “性命法决明指 后传” read as Xìngmìng Fǎ Jué Míng Zhǐ after transmission.

The first picture in the book depicts the most famous Neidan picture of the human body, the Neijingtu (內经图).


The characters read as “Rare knowledge for entering the gate of Longmen Qianfeng Xiantian school” (龍門千峰 先天派入門秘笈). Xìngmìng Fǎ Jué Míng Zhǐ after transmission (性命法决明指 后传), Qianfeng descendant Zhao Ming Wang (千峰后裔趙明旺).