Learning the Daoist Sweating Ox exercise

Learning the Daoist Sweating Ox exercise:
Witnessing the magic of Daoist practice



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More than two weeks after having learned and practiced the Sweating Ox exercise (Han Niu Gong 汗牛功), I realized that this exercise is based on real knowledge. I was thinking back of the past, when I was looking everywhere for Daoist practices, visiting masters everywhere, but not finding what I was looking for.

Only touching the tip of the iceberg of the knowledge of the inner door Thousand Peaks school Elixer Way practicies, not only did I obtain quick results after starting the practice, but also my physical strength and energy level gradually improved.

In my spare time I like to put ‘pen to paper’ and produce various articles, to share the Chinese health culture with anyone who might be interested. My hope is that in this way I can be of help for fellow Elixer Way cultivators, so they don’t waste their time looking for ineffective methods, but quickly encounter master Zhao Ming Wang (赵明旺).

Wasting away years of lifetime traveling

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As we all know, the physical body is at it’s optimal health and youthfulness after puberty, between the age of 20 and 40. Around this time people’s energy is the most abundant and the physical body is at the peak of health and beauty. The majority of the people appear flowery and bright going through life, facing and interacting with society.

Just a moment ago they were minding their affairs, working hard for these 20 years, step by step doing the things that are expected to be done. However, between the age of 40 and 50 our body is tortured by the years and life’s activities, getting fat or becoming exhausted and skinny, obviously having the feeling that the energy level is not good. The appetite and libido decreasing, as well as high blood pressure, sickness of the heart or other organs, diabetes, kidney stones, prostatitis, male impotence, nocturnal emission, premature ejaculation and other illnesses coming one after the other.

Up until now life has been a struggle, surely this way we will encounter these results, that nobody will want to. What method is there that can for a rather long time keep up the period of youthfulness, of abundance of energy and vitality, thereby slowing down the aging process, dispelling illnesses and prolonging life? Since ancient times many people are concerned about this question, exploring ways to improve health and longevity. Taking medicine is of course the easiest, however the ‘immortality’ medicine that is suitable for everyone until now has yet not been found.

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Physical exercise is vital for our bodies to stay healthy, many people work out their body, promoting sports like running, mountaineering and swimming amongst other endurance sports, that for an extended period of time exercise the muscles. However, in time some people’s cardiovascular capability and breathing function doesn’t suit these intense sports, resulting in irregular heartbeat, lack of energy and other alike symptoms of failing health. If this kind of sport is not an appropriate method, in its course the body will be harmed. As a result for a sportsman with all it’s physical labor it will also be difficult to escape from the aging process and dying early. Furthermore participating in these sports  additionally requires having the venues and time; a lot of people don’t have these opporunities. In that case, what is a simple and easy method that everybody can do to work out? Actually the Daoists, in the course of thousands of years of practice, already long ago came up with some simple and easy ways, ways that actually work. The Sweating Ox exercise is just such a by comparison practical and very effective way.

The Daoist Sweating Ox exercise

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This year in the beginning of September I was chatting with good friend Yang Zhong (杨总).  Yang Zhong recently mentioned the decline of his energy as well as a married couple’s bedroom affairs not being anymore what they used to be. He inquired whether I hadn’t a secret medicine to restore his energy (restore his kidneys). I answered him bluntly, that his essence (jing 精) and energy (qi(气) levels (of his kidneys) were deficient. Relying on pharmaceuticals would only give a solution for a short while; if he was looking for a long term solution, he would need to turn to Daoist methods for restoring his deficiencies. Thereupon I recommended Yang Zhong to turn to master Zhao Ming Wang of the Beijing Thousand Peaks school (Beijing Qianfeng pai 北京千峰派).

Several days later Yang Zhong went to the Qianfeng school in Beijing, where master Zhao taught him the Sweating Ox exercise. Yang Zhong practiced this exercise only for several days, which was already enough to restore his morning erection, leaving him amazed. How was it possible to gain such fast resuts in just a few days?

Several months later, I also received instructions from master Zhao, for practicing this exercise. I deeply feel that this exercise is really marvellous. Afterwards master Zhao pointed out the profound secret of the exercise. I understood that if the energy of the body is feeling low and bedroom affairs are not how they used to be, the root cause is deficiency of the essence (jing) and energy (qi) levels of the kidneys. Restoring these levels and unblocking the two main energy channels of the body Ren mai (任脉) and Du mai (督脉), is of utmost importance.

The Sweating Ox exercise, by means of coordinating the breath with the movements, pulling up the back essence and energy along the du mai, into the muddy pellet palace (niwan gong 泥丸宫), as well as downwards the ren mai, like oxen pulling by the neck.

This exercise can clear the du and ren channels and is able to enhance energy levels much better, in comparison with running, weight lifting and these type of sports. If you’re engaging in external physical exercises focused on using the muscles, skin and bones, for the purpose of a method to supplement essence and energy, this is really an attempt to the impossible….

In the conversation with master Zhao, the master just pointed straight at the heart of the matter, a few words, clarifying the mystery I puzzled over for many years. Deeply moved in my heart: the bright master acting in this way, in order to transmit the Daoist teachings, instructing his students about the method and dissolving people’s doubts.

The Sweating Ox exercise is not only a method for supplementing essence and energy, but the exercise has also remarkable effects on slowly developing illnesses like prostatitis and nocturnal emission. It is the Daoist skill of maintaining good health (yangsheng gongfu 养生功夫) that truly restores deficiencies that lead to weak health, this method has outstanding results.

Master Zhao furthermore points out that the Sweating Ox exercise is of major importance for the Daoist practice of cultivating and refining the Elixer (dan dao xiu lian 丹道修炼), especifically regarding the phase of Collecting the External Medicinie (cai wai yao采外药); without an exercise like Sweating Ox it will be really difficult to collect the external medicine. This exercise also will help to prevent leakage of the Elixer, it’s an effective method for closing the openings where essence can possibly leak out.

It seems that if the practitioner is ambitious in studying the Daoist Dual Cultivation of Essence and Life (xingming shuangxiu 性命双修), the Sweating Ox exercise really is a priceless treasure. Inner door teachings require oral instruction. By studying the method on your own, the developed skill will fall short and the effort will not pay off. If you can have the fate to obtain the Sweating Ox exercise, you will be really blessed. After receiving the method, diligent practice is necessary, as much as you’re capable of, to promote the Daoist art of the Qianfeng school and not let down master Zhao.

Apprentice Xiao Duan

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蹉跎岁月 人生逆

众所周知,人的身体最美好的年华是在青春发育完成之后,二十岁至四十岁之间。这时,人的精力最充沛,体态最健美。大多数人都在这个如花似锦的年龄段走出生活,面向社会,事业生活刚刚进入轨道,在此后的一二十年的努力中,将事业逐步划入正规。然而,四五十岁的我们,身体被岁月与生活所折磨,身体发福或者枯萎干瘦,精力明显感到不济,食欲、性欲下降,随之而来的是高血压,心脏病,糖尿病,肾结石,前列腺炎,男性阳萎、遗精、早泄等一系列疾病,接踵而来。人生奋斗至此,迎接我们的确实这般结果,任谁也不会甘心。有什么办法可以较久地保持青春时期的精力与活力,从而延缓衰老,祛病延年呢? 古往今来,多少人都在关心这个问题,都在探索健康长寿的方法。吃药当然最简单,然而,适用于每个人的“长生不老”之药,至今还未找到。生命在于运动,很多人为了锻炼身体,提倡跑步、爬山、打球、游泳等较长时间的肌力训练和耐力运动。但是,有些人的心血管及呼吸功能不适应这些激烈的运动,因而引起心慌、气短等症状。运动变成了一件苦差事。如果运动不得法,还会损伤身体。所以运动员和体力劳动者亦难免早衰早亡。而且,参加运动还需要场地和时间,很多人不具备这些条件。那么,有没有简单易行、人人都做得到的锻炼办法呢? 其实,道家在千百年的实践过程中,早已总结出一些简单易行,方便实效的方法。汗牛功就是比较实用的功法之一。



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