Zhongnan mountain Qianfeng inauguration ceremony

The below text is a translation by Tianma of a post of Daoist Master Zhao Ming Wang on his Chinese language blog titled Daoist Qianfeng Dual Cultivation of Essential Nature and Life Destiny blog (道家千峰性命双修的博客daojia qianfeng xingming shuangxiu de boke).

Zhongnan mountains receive the golden body of Qianfeng fouder Zhao Bichen

According to the news report of Zhongnan Daoist priest Sheng Ben Yuan,  November 12 2017 the Qianfeng Pre-heaven school was officially opened in the Zhongnan mountains. A golden statue of Qianfeng founder Zhao Bichen, Daoist name Yi Zi (一子),11th generation lay master in the Longmen tradition, was succesfully installed in a blessing ceremony in the Zhongnan mountains.


Venerable Daoists from the Zhongnan mountain area were present to witness the installment of the golden statue of Zhao Bichen in the Zhongnan mountains. The ceremony was carried out by a Daoist priest, in the presence of hermits from the Zhongnan mountains, as well as Qianfeng Zhao family representative disciples who joined in to participate in the ceremony.

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In his younger years founder of the Qianfeng school of Daoist self-cultivstion Zhao Bichen (1860-1942) loved to practice Chinese martial arts, as well as Chinese traditional Daoist internal alchemy, as a means of spiritual self-cultivation. Throughout his life he pursued instruction in authentic Daoist internal alchemy, the dual cultivation of Xing and Ming. He sought out many places for instruction, paying respect to over 35 Daoist masters. Finally in Golden Mountain temple in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu he ultimately gained true understanding of Daoist internal alchemy, after meeting the 2 masters Liao Ran and Liao Kong,who taught him the essence of Daoist internal alchemy. Furthermore, 20 years later ancestor Liao Kong visited Zhao Bichen in his residence in Changping, north of Beijing, in order to pass on the secrets of Daoist internal alchemy, bestowing the Heavenly mandate.

In the 17th year of the Republic of China (1928), April 17, ancestral master Liao Kong asked Zhao Bichen to establish the Qianfeng Pre-heaven school of self-cultivation, breaking with the old tradition of past generations that passed on the doctrines from master to a single disciple. Qianfeng spreads the secrets of the tradition to anybody who is interested, refusing nobody, so that everybody can attain good health. After a mysterious tradition of several 1.000 years of Daoist health and internal alchemy practices, Qianfeng school now passes on the tradition to everybody, creating a historical precedent.

Throughout his life Zhao Bichen lectured on the doctrines of Daoist self-cultivation, teaching many influential people, like principal proponent of the Xinhai Revolution (1911) Zhu Xi Qiao, Chinese martial artist Du Xin Wu, former President of the Republic of China Li Yuan Hong, official Wu Pei Fu, Zhang Zuo Lin as well as his sons Zhang Xue Liang and Zhang Zhi Zong and other officials and celebrities from all walks of life.

However he also taught ordinary people, more than 2.000 people in number; you can truly speak of a leading scholar of his time, enriching successive generations with authentic Chinese Daoist health practices. Moreover he practiced what he preached, truly cultivating and refining; in practicing Daoist self-cultivation he reached profound states. At one occasion Wu Pei Fu as well as other government officials and several dozens of inner door disciples went to the residence of Zhao Bichen in Beijing Shi Fu Street No. 88, requesting Daoist instruction. Zhao Bichen used the method of “Scaly Dragon entering the Sea” and everybody present without exception was convinced. From that moment on his reputation spread far and wide.

Zhao Bichen took great care throughout his life to compile the books “Xing Ming Fa Jue Ming Zhi” (translated by Charles Luk into English under the title ‘Taoist Yoga’), “Nei Xiu Mi Yao” and “Weisheng Xing Lixue” (translated into French by Catherine Despeux). The first book is included in the Chinese ‘Siku Quanshu’,  a collection of books compiled during the Qing dynasty. Ranking between the ministerial Daoist books, “Xing Ming Fa Jue Ming Zhi” became a part of orthodox Chinese Daoist culture. Furthermore the book is spreading all over the world, already known in the United Kingdom and France and in several other Western countries translated into English en French; because of the demand, in Taiwan there’s a second edition reprint, completely intact and unaltered.

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Nowadays Qianfen Pre-heaven school disciples can be found throughout the world. Qianfeng Zhao family transmits to it’s disciples, of all whom practice what they preach, all with different levels of attainment. Bringing benefit to all who practice the dual cultivation of Xing and Ming, touched by the profound mystical Daoist self-cultivation.

For more than 10 years the Qianfeng Zhao family descendents are also transmitting the 18 step set external refinement practice. However there is a small number of inner door disciples that transmit the first 6 steps for a lot of money, betraying the Dao. That’s why since several years master Zhao Ming Wang, direct descendant of Qianfeng founder Zhao Bichen,  makes public online on the internet, free of charge, the first 6 steps of the 18 step external refinement practice. This is done for the purpose of enhancing Qianfeng health practices, in accordance with the primary objective of the school’s founder, so that everyone of high and low rank can obtain good health.

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