Mysterious Daoist Dharma Tools

The below text is a translation by Tianma of a post of Daoist Master Zhao Ming Wang on his Chinese language blog titled Daoist Qianfeng Dual Cultivation of Essential Nature and Life Destiny blog (道家千峰性命双修的博客daojia qianfeng xingming shuangxiu de boke). It was published earlier in the eJournal Patriarchs Vision, Vol. 1 nr. 12.  

DaoistDharmaTools_Pic1In the history of Daoist Life Nourishing practices, all have their own mysterious Dharma Tools. Here we introduce the “Seven Star Pressure Point Stick” (七星点穴棒 qi xing dian xue bang), Dharma Tool of the lay Daoist Qianfeng Prenatal School of Self Cultivation. The main purpose of the Big Dipper (北斗七星 bei dou qi xing) Pressure Point Stick is to open the energy channels.


Through treatment of the Governing Channel (督脉 du mai), Conception Channel (任脉 ren mai) and Yin Heel Channel (阴桥脉阴桥脉 yin qiao mai), all the energy channels of the body can be opened up. Opening up the energy channels will promote a free and unobstructed flow of Essence (精 jing) and Energy (气 qi) through the body, which results in an improvement of health. Already developed illnesses, as well as not yet physically manifested illnesses, can in this way be dispelled from the body.

Qianfeng disciples (in China as well as in foreign countries) strive to serve the public using these precious Dharma Tools. In this respect special thanks goes out to Mr. Liu De Yi (刘德翼), descendant of Mr. Liu Jin Yao (刘金耀). Mr Liu Jin Yao is a highly respected martial expert who trained and worked together with Grandmaster Zhao Bichen, founder of the Daoist Qianfeng school.

For the past few years the Big Dipper Pressure Point Stick has been of great help to Qianfeng disciples. All show different levels of progress after treatment and have many health imbalances removed.

Nowadays master Zhao Ming Wang spares no effort in restoring the health and removing disease by nurturing Essence and Energy of sincere people who come for help.
This patient is severely deficient in Kidney Essence (肾精 shen jing), which manifests in oedema in both lower legs. The subsequent pictures show the process of treatment.

DaoistDharmaTools_Pic3 DaoistDharmaTools_Pic4 DaoistDharmaTools_Pic5 DaoistDharmaTools_Pic6

The Daoist Dual Cultivation of Essential Nature (性 xing) and Life Destiny (命 ming) is miraculously effective; in former times this seemed very mysterious. Nowadays this Daoist skill is preserved and publicly practiced. It is my sincere wish as lineage inheritor of the Qianfeng Prenatal School of Self Cultivation, to comply with the original aim of my great grandfather Qianfeng Grandmaster Zhao Bichen: strive to openly spread the Daoist Life Nourishing Culture and to promote good health, for the benefit of all without exception.

Qianfeng Cottage
(Zhao Ming Wang)

Original Chinese blog post June 3, 2016