Self-study of Daoist gongfu causes great harm

The below text is a translation by Tianma of a post of Daoist Master Zhao Ming Wang on his Chinese language blog “Daojia Qianfeng Xingming Shuangxiu de boke” (道家千峰性命双修的博客) or ‘Daoist Qianfeng Double Cultivation of Essential Nature and Eternal Life blog’.

Daoist neidan gongfu is a Chinese heritage in classical yangsheng (养生) or health preservation writings, which are different from other yangsheng writings. Daoist neidan gongfu has several thousand years of history, including the wuxing (五行) or five elemental phases, yishu (医术) or medicine, tianwen (天文) or astronomy, dili (地理) or geography, bagua (八卦) and so on, making up a good deal of culture. Nowadays gradually more and more people like and show interest in Zhonghua Dan Dao (中华丹道) or the Chinese Way of the Elixer. This benefits both the country and the people, which is a good thing.


In recent years a lot of neidan gongfu friends come to me to Qianfeng cottage, for an exchange about what they have learned through their practice; but only to find out a terrible thing. The majority of the people read about the Daoist practice, they don’t have a master but rely on books. Considering themselves intelligent, they cultivate in a rush and practice blindly.
They don’t know that this family internal alchemy practice is of a very strict nature. Already the slightest error (cha zhi hao li差之毫厘) will put you off track immensely (a thousand li千里). The majority of my friends practice resulting in the emergance of Yin Shen (阴神). This is a very terrible matter, but also Yang Qi (阳气) is not supplementing a harmonious mixing of Yin and Yang.
On the contrary, each day is wasted away; they lose their mind, essence, qi and physical strength, their sleep is badly affected. Furthermore they are deluded, believing having attained profound states, some already crossed a critical point and so on. That they come to my cottage for verification through the Daoist Method of exploration of the qi, is very ridiculous; it is entirely their own delusional gongfu.

In fact the Daoist family gongfu is very strict and doesn’t allow for the slightest deviation. Cultivators must not rush the cultivation and practice blindly. When talking about the Dao through his lineage, Qianfeng elderly Zhao Bi Chen said that not meeting a genuine master is very foolish. Spending time in clever books, looking for words about mysterious uninhabited places, cultivating blindly in a rush, in the end turns out to be fruitless.
Apprentices who enter the door of an authentic tradition need to have a virtuous heart, to be sincere towards the Dao and not to act smart. To obtain a master’s approval to help skillfully open the gate. Opening up the whole body, closing the orifices and dispelling disease to strengthen the body and build up the health. Then afterwards, there is a very long study of the practice. In this process ones nature will only be transformed through great effort; only then there are good results.


Qianfeng Cottage, Zhao Ming Wang (赵明旺)

Original Chinese blog post July 29, 2015