Unification of martial arts and Dao is the true Way

The below text is a translation by Tianma of a post of Daoist Master Zhao Ming Wang on his Chinese language blog titled Daoist Qianfeng Dual Cultivation of Essential Nature and Life Destiny blog (道家千峰性命双修的博客).

Today great martial artist mr. Wang, disciple in the San Huang Pao Chui (Three Emperor Cannon Fist) lineage, came to the Qianfeng cottage. Mr Wang came to pay his respects and request to become a Zhao gate inner door disciple in the Qianfeng Pre Heaven school of internal elixer cultivation.

Mr. Wang 13 years ago entered the San Huang Pao Chui lineage; going everywhere in the country he called on great teachers for instruction.  Finally he found an authentic lineage in Hengshui, Hebei province and asked for transmission of the handed-down teachings.

For the past few years mr. Wang studied traditional Chinese medicine orthopedics and the dual cultivation of Xing and Ming. He realized that the Chinese Daoist dual cultivation of Xing and Ming genuinely supports the internal skills of the body and its health.

In studying the dual cultivation practice he recognized the authentic lineage of Qianfeng. He payed his respects and requested to become an inner door disciple to receive the authentic teachings of the Qianfeng Zhao gate.

XIansheng Wang and ZMW

Daoist Qianfeng Pre Heaven school,

Qianfeng cottage,

Zhao Ming Wang.

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道家千峰先天派,   千峰草堂:赵明旺

Zhongnan mountain Qianfeng inauguration ceremony

The below text is a translation by Tianma of a post of Daoist Master Zhao Ming Wang on his Chinese language blog titled Daoist Qianfeng Dual Cultivation of Essential Nature and Life Destiny blog (道家千峰性命双修的博客daojia qianfeng xingming shuangxiu de boke).

Zhongnan mountains receive the golden body of Qianfeng fouder Zhao Bichen

According to the news report of Zhongnan Daoist priest Sheng Ben Yuan,  November 12 2017 the Qianfeng Pre-heaven school was officially opened in the Zhongnan mountains. A golden statue of Qianfeng founder Zhao Bichen, Daoist name Yi Zi (一子),11th generation lay master in the Longmen tradition, was succesfully installed in a blessing ceremony in the Zhongnan mountains.


Venerable Daoists from the Zhongnan mountain area were present to witness the installment of the golden statue of Zhao Bichen in the Zhongnan mountains. The ceremony was carried out by a Daoist priest, in the presence of hermits from the Zhongnan mountains, as well as Qianfeng Zhao family representative disciples who joined in to participate in the ceremony.

2 3 4

In his younger years founder of the Qianfeng school of Daoist self-cultivstion Zhao Bichen (1860-1942) loved to practice Chinese martial arts, as well as Chinese traditional Daoist internal alchemy, as a means of spiritual self-cultivation. Throughout his life he pursued instruction in authentic Daoist internal alchemy, the dual cultivation of Xing and Ming. He sought out many places for instruction, paying respect to over 35 Daoist masters. Finally in Golden Mountain temple in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu he ultimately gained true understanding of Daoist internal alchemy, after meeting the 2 masters Liao Ran and Liao Kong,who taught him the essence of Daoist internal alchemy. Furthermore, 20 years later ancestor Liao Kong visited Zhao Bichen in his residence in Changping, north of Beijing, in order to pass on the secrets of Daoist internal alchemy, bestowing the Heavenly mandate.

In the 17th year of the Republic of China (1928), April 17, ancestral master Liao Kong asked Zhao Bichen to establish the Qianfeng Pre-heaven school of self-cultivation, breaking with the old tradition of past generations that passed on the doctrines from master to a single disciple. Qianfeng spreads the secrets of the tradition to anybody who is interested, refusing nobody, so that everybody can attain good health. After a mysterious tradition of several 1.000 years of Daoist health and internal alchemy practices, Qianfeng school now passes on the tradition to everybody, creating a historical precedent.

Throughout his life Zhao Bichen lectured on the doctrines of Daoist self-cultivation, teaching many influential people, like principal proponent of the Xinhai Revolution (1911) Zhu Xi Qiao, Chinese martial artist Du Xin Wu, former President of the Republic of China Li Yuan Hong, official Wu Pei Fu, Zhang Zuo Lin as well as his sons Zhang Xue Liang and Zhang Zhi Zong and other officials and celebrities from all walks of life.

However he also taught ordinary people, more than 2.000 people in number; you can truly speak of a leading scholar of his time, enriching successive generations with authentic Chinese Daoist health practices. Moreover he practiced what he preached, truly cultivating and refining; in practicing Daoist self-cultivation he reached profound states. At one occasion Wu Pei Fu as well as other government officials and several dozens of inner door disciples went to the residence of Zhao Bichen in Beijing Shi Fu Street No. 88, requesting Daoist instruction. Zhao Bichen used the method of “Scaly Dragon entering the Sea” and everybody present without exception was convinced. From that moment on his reputation spread far and wide.

Zhao Bichen took great care throughout his life to compile the books “Xing Ming Fa Jue Ming Zhi” (translated by Charles Luk into English under the title ‘Taoist Yoga’), “Nei Xiu Mi Yao” and “Weisheng Xing Lixue” (translated into French by Catherine Despeux). The first book is included in the Chinese ‘Siku Quanshu’,  a collection of books compiled during the Qing dynasty. Ranking between the ministerial Daoist books, “Xing Ming Fa Jue Ming Zhi” became a part of orthodox Chinese Daoist culture. Furthermore the book is spreading all over the world, already known in the United Kingdom and France and in several other Western countries translated into English en French; because of the demand, in Taiwan there’s a second edition reprint, completely intact and unaltered.

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Nowadays Qianfen Pre-heaven school disciples can be found throughout the world. Qianfeng Zhao family transmits to it’s disciples, of all whom practice what they preach, all with different levels of attainment. Bringing benefit to all who practice the dual cultivation of Xing and Ming, touched by the profound mystical Daoist self-cultivation.

For more than 10 years the Qianfeng Zhao family descendents are also transmitting the 18 step set external refinement practice. However there is a small number of inner door disciples that transmit the first 6 steps for a lot of money, betraying the Dao. That’s why since several years master Zhao Ming Wang, direct descendant of Qianfeng founder Zhao Bichen,  makes public online on the internet, free of charge, the first 6 steps of the 18 step external refinement practice. This is done for the purpose of enhancing Qianfeng health practices, in accordance with the primary objective of the school’s founder, so that everyone of high and low rank can obtain good health.

Beijing Bichen Culture Media Institute

Mysterious Daoist Dharma Tools

The below text is a translation by Tianma of a post of Daoist Master Zhao Ming Wang on his Chinese language blog titled Daoist Qianfeng Dual Cultivation of Essential Nature and Life Destiny blog (道家千峰性命双修的博客daojia qianfeng xingming shuangxiu de boke). It was published earlier in the eJournal Patriarchs Vision, Vol. 1 nr. 12.  

DaoistDharmaTools_Pic1In the history of Daoist Life Nourishing practices, all have their own mysterious Dharma Tools. Here we introduce the “Seven Star Pressure Point Stick” (七星点穴棒 qi xing dian xue bang), Dharma Tool of the lay Daoist Qianfeng Prenatal School of Self Cultivation. The main purpose of the Big Dipper (北斗七星 bei dou qi xing) Pressure Point Stick is to open the energy channels.


Through treatment of the Governing Channel (督脉 du mai), Conception Channel (任脉 ren mai) and Yin Heel Channel (阴桥脉阴桥脉 yin qiao mai), all the energy channels of the body can be opened up. Opening up the energy channels will promote a free and unobstructed flow of Essence (精 jing) and Energy (气 qi) through the body, which results in an improvement of health. Already developed illnesses, as well as not yet physically manifested illnesses, can in this way be dispelled from the body.

Qianfeng disciples (in China as well as in foreign countries) strive to serve the public using these precious Dharma Tools. In this respect special thanks goes out to Mr. Liu De Yi (刘德翼), descendant of Mr. Liu Jin Yao (刘金耀). Mr Liu Jin Yao is a highly respected martial expert who trained and worked together with Grandmaster Zhao Bichen, founder of the Daoist Qianfeng school.

For the past few years the Big Dipper Pressure Point Stick has been of great help to Qianfeng disciples. All show different levels of progress after treatment and have many health imbalances removed.

Nowadays master Zhao Ming Wang spares no effort in restoring the health and removing disease by nurturing Essence and Energy of sincere people who come for help.
This patient is severely deficient in Kidney Essence (肾精 shen jing), which manifests in oedema in both lower legs. The subsequent pictures show the process of treatment.

DaoistDharmaTools_Pic3 DaoistDharmaTools_Pic4 DaoistDharmaTools_Pic5 DaoistDharmaTools_Pic6

The Daoist Dual Cultivation of Essential Nature (性 xing) and Life Destiny (命 ming) is miraculously effective; in former times this seemed very mysterious. Nowadays this Daoist skill is preserved and publicly practiced. It is my sincere wish as lineage inheritor of the Qianfeng Prenatal School of Self Cultivation, to comply with the original aim of my great grandfather Qianfeng Grandmaster Zhao Bichen: strive to openly spread the Daoist Life Nourishing Culture and to promote good health, for the benefit of all without exception.

Qianfeng Cottage
(Zhao Ming Wang)

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From Martial Arts to Daoist Self Cultivation

Translator’s note: The below text is a translation by Tianma of a post of Daoist Master Zhao Ming Wang on his Chinese language blog titled Daoist Qianfeng Dual Cultivation of  Essential Nature and Life Destiny (道家千峰性命双修的博客  daojia qianfeng xingming shuangxiu de boke).

Hu Tian Xing (胡天星) from Mentougou district west of Beijing, is now in his sixties and has been practicing martial arts for over 40 years. He is a great martial expert in Da Cheng Quan (大成拳  Great Acomplishment Boxing). Three years ago he was fortunate to meet Sun Chen Jiang (孙陈江), a martial arts disciple of Zhao Bichen (besides being a renowned neidan practicioner, Zhao Bichen was a famous martial artist, due to his mastery of Eagle Claw technique (鹰爪功 Ying Zhao Gong)). In getting to know eachother, Hu Tian Xing found out about the Daoist practice of the dual cultivation of Essential Nature and Life Destiny.

Carefully he read to understand the magic contained within the practice. He decided to sincerely cultivate and soon after many times went to the Qianfeng cottage in Changping district of Beijing. There he visited Master Zhao Ming Wang, Qianfeng lineage holder and descendant of Grandmaster Zhao Bichen, to study the Daoist dual cultivation of Essential Nature and Life Destiny. Just after 3 years of practice true internal transformation had taken place, as a result of genuine cultivation. His body changed significantly, showing a clear improvement in health.

Hu Tian Xing frequently spoke with his martial art friends about the Chinese martial arts, that strengthen one’s body and invigorate it, for the use of defending and attacking. The Daoist Skill of the dual cultivation of Essential Nature and Life Destiny restores and increases ones Essence (精 Jing) and Energy (气Qi) and develops the Spirit (神 Shen). It returns the old to the young, and proves an effective method for treating chronic illnesses and for eliminating not yet manifested illnesses within the body. This Daoist practice truly deserves to be called a treasure amongst the Chinese Daoist Life Nourishing techniques.

Qianfeng cottage




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Elderly Man In a Lifetime Pursuit of True Daoist Practice

Translator’s note: The below text is a translation by Tianma of a post of Daoist Master Zhao Ming Wang on his Chinese language blog titled Daoist Qianfeng Dual Cultivation of  Essential Nature and Life Destiny (道家千峰性命双修的博客  daojia qianfeng xingming shuangxiu de boke).

Elderly man aged 85, throughout his life pursuing the true essence of the Daoist Dual Cultivation of Essential Nature (Xing) and Life Destiny (Ming)

Xia Pu Yan (夏普炎) is an elderly man aged 85 from Xinjiang (新疆). Since childhood he is very fond of Chinese Daoist practices. After finishing school he joined the army, giving his youth in serving the country defending the borders. Later he changed his profession in serving the country by giving himself fully through construction work. After retiring, pursuing his childhood dreams, he walked the country everywhere in search of true Daoist masters who genuinely understand the Dual Cultivation practice of Essential Nature and Life Destiny (性命双修 xingming shuangxiu).

Having searched out numerous places for many years, he only encountered superficial knowledge of Daoist Teachings and felt hopeless about ever finding genuine Daoist teachings.

After searching for many years, he found out about the Daoist Qianfeng school of Self Cultivation. In July 2015 he intentionally set out on the long travel from Xinjiang, to visit the ancient small town of Yangfang in Changping district just outside of Beijing, where Qianfeng cottage is located.

The purpose of the visit was to find out about the genuine Daoist Dual Cultivation practice of the Qianfeng school. He sincerely payed his respects at Qianfeng cottage and later sincerely practiced cultivation. Suddenly his body felt several years younger and in a flash he realized having found genuine Daoist practice, in a mystical place.


Xia Pu Yan paying  respects to master Zhao Ming Wang

Today he once again returned to Qianfeng cottage to talk about what he learned through cultivating the Qianfeng teachings. This master attaches great importance to practice what you preach. I sensed that Pu Yan genuinely and sincerely had been cultivating the secret Daoist method “Adding Oil to Replenish Life” (添油续命 tian you xu ming).

Qianfeng cottage

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Profound Daoist Life-Nourishing Practice

Translator’s note: The below text is a translation by Tianma of a post of Daoist Master Zhao Ming Wang on his Chinese language blog of Daoist Qianfeng Dual Cultivation of Xing and Ming (道家千峰性命双修的博客 ). In this post Zhao Ming Wang briefly talks about the dual practice of Xing and Ming and further clarifies using a poem, written in the form of a classical Chinese poem, consisting of seven character lines.

In the seventh line of the poem is referred to holding the five in an unhealthy condition. The five refer to the five elemental phases in Chinese Phylosophy and Chinese Medicine: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. In normal everyday life fire rises up and water flows down, leading to the loss of jing and qi. In Daoist self-cultivation this natural tendency is transformed, so that fire reaches down. Fire then heats water, which turns into steam and rises up. The heart-mind (Xin心) is associated with the fire elemental phase and the kidneys (shen肾) is associated with the water elemental phase. 

In the Daoist Qianfeng school equal importance is given to seated meditation and moving qigong exercises, so harmonizing yin and yang. In seated meditation the mind calms down and the body relaxes. In moving qigong exercises, the body is exercised in conjunction with the breath and the yi (attention). This promotes bodily health and helps to calm down the mind.


Zuo Bao Ti and Zhu Zhen practicing Qianfeng Daoist Self-Cultivation

The Dual Cultivation of Xing (Nature) and Ming (Life)

Somebody has the aspiration to take up the cultivation of the Great Way (da dao 大道). Already having a sincere attitude towards the practice, but how to practice? This is done through the dual cultivation of Nature (Xing 性) and Life (Ming 命).

Nature also refers to the heart-mind (Xin 心). Constantly perfecting Virtue (De 德), keeping away from worldly affairs.

Life also refers to the kidneys (Shen 肾). In constantly giving in to desires and indulging in the impermanence of everyday life, Essence (Jing 精) and Vital Energy (Qi 气) are scattered and lost (the loss of Essence and Vital Energy will inevitably speed up the aging process and lead to ill health). Know that the practice of Ming instead consolidates and increases our Essence and Vitality.

Already start self-cultivation by simply refraining from empty talk. In this funny world of party and pleasure-seeking, who are the few who can jump out?

Today two Qianfeng disciples meet, one middle aged and one elderly. Out of a mutual deep affinity for the Dao, for several years already they regularly catch up with eachother, exchanging experiences and understanding of this profound Daoist practice.

Cultivating Nature and refining Life, no need for talk,

In three years both are understood.

This accomplishment of returning to the root is priceless,

Some never clealy recognize this.

Cultivating virtue, promoting benevolence and developing ones heart-mind,

Searching the Dao requires genuine and dedicated practice.

Beforehand holding the Five in an unhealthy condition,

Now Essence and Vitality are restored in a healthy body.

Qianfeng cottage.


Practicing Qianfeng Qigong in front of Peach Source temple (Tao Yuan Guan 桃源观)


Disciple Zhu Zhen (left) and Master Zhao Ming Wang (right). The Chinese calligraphy reads from right to left: Qianfeng Pre-Natal School of Self Cultivation (Qianfeng xiantian pai 千峰先天派)


Zhu Zhen and Zhao Ming Wang. The Chinese calligraphy reads from right to left: Dual Cultivation of Nature and Life (Xing Ming Shuang Xiu 性命双修)


Qianfeng disciple Zhu Zhen practicing Qianfeng qigong


Qianfeng disciple Zhu Zhen practicing Qianfeng qigong

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The Old White Bearded Daoist Genuinely Practices Daoist Self-Cultivation

The below text is a translation by Tianma of a post of Daoist Master Zhao Ming Wang on his Chinese language blog of Daoist Qianfeng Dual Cultivation of Xing and Ming (道家千峰性命双修的博客 ). It was originally written in the form of a classical Chinese poem, consisting of seven character lines.


Daoist Priest Zuo Bao Ti (左保悌)


Snowflakes floating on Phoenix Peak,

Old White Beard is cultivating in the Daoist temple.

Alone he takes care of the ancestor’s pavilion,

A quiet heartmind focussed on self-cultivation watches the world of dust.

Indifferent to the seven emotional states, only affectionate for cultivating Dao,

Having Virtue Daoist Priest Zuo is genuinely cultivating.


Short Biography of Daoist Priest Zuo Bao Ti

Daoist Priest Zuo Licheng was born in the first month of the year 1945. His original name is Zuo Bao Ti and his ancestral place lies in the village Dongfangchengxiang in Hunyuan county of Datong in Shanxi Province.

In 1992 he took entry in the Guan Yin temple in Hohhot prefecture level city, the capital of Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

In 1999 he formally became a monk there and payed his respects at the Highest Clarity Temple (Tai Qing Gong 太清宫).

In 2005 Daoist Priest Zuo Bao Ti studied at the Daoist college in Bejing, China and graduated there.

April 2008 he returned to the Highest Clarity Temple.

Zuo Bao TI (third from the left) and Huang Xin Yang (fourth from the left)

Long term residents at Tao Yuan Guan: Zuo Bao Ti (third from the left) and Yang Hua (fourth from the left)

In 2012 Zuo Bao Ti received an invitation from Daoist Priest Yang Hua to occupy the post of Abbot at Phoenix Peak Peach Source Temple (Tao Yuan Guan); he accepted the invitation and returned to Tao Yuan Guan (because in 2006 he was Vice-President in the Beijing Daoist Association; the President of the Beijing Daoist Association Huang Xin Yang then came to visit Peach Source Temple).

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Winter, January 2016 at Peach Source Temple.


Winter, January 2016 at Peach Source Temple.

Daoist Art of Internal Medicine and Health Preservation

­The below text is a translation by Tianma of a post of Daoist Master Zhao Ming Wang on his Chinese language blog of Daoist Qianfeng Dual Cultivation of Xing and Ming (道家千峰性命双修的博客 ). It was originally written in the form of a classical Chinese poem, consisting of seven character lines.

Translator’s Note: The aim of the Daoist Art of Internal Medicine and Health Preservation (or neidan yangsheng gongfu) is to promote health and longevity and ultimately to transcend the cycle of birth and death. This is done by reversing the natural life process of birth, aging and death to return to the original, unified and pristine state that existed before birth. Hence the Qianfeng School is denominated as Prenatal (Pre-Heaven or xiantian). This as opposed to the Postnatal (Post-Heaven or houtian) state after birth, in which we grow up, learn and accumulate, age and die. By quieting our everyday heartmind, we can return to a state of stillness, in which it is possible for our original prenatal mind or original spirit (that which existed before birth but becomes obscured by our everyday mind, our learnings and ideas etcetera) to come to surface.




Daoist Art of Internal Medicine and Health Preservation
Qianfeng Prenatal School of Self Cultivation, Qianfeng Cottage, Zhao Ming Wang.

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Secret Daoist Method transmitted from Master to Disciple

The below text is a translation by Tianma of a post of Daoist Master Zhao Ming Wang on his Chinese language blog of Daoist Qianfeng Dual Cultivation of Xing and Ming (道家千峰性命双修的博客 ). It was originally written in the form of a classical Chinese poem, consisting of seven character lines.

Since ancient times the profound and mysterious Daoist Method
WAS only TRULY transmitted within closed lineageS;

THE Qianfeng SCHOOL universally spreads the Great Daoist Method,
The precious virtue of this Daoist Method LiES IN TRUE KNOWLEDGE,
MANIPULATING points for opening meridians requires skill,

THAT IS only gained through DEDICATED practice.





Daoist Qianfeng Pre Heaven School: Qianfeng Cottage

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Daojia Gongfu Mifa  Chuancheng

Qianfeng shrine new


Cultivating Dao and Developing Mind is True Self-Cultivation

The below text is a translation by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD of a post of Daoist Master Zhao Ming Wang on his Chinese language blog “Daojia Qianfeng Xingming Shuangxiu de boke” (道家千峰性命双修的博客) or ‘Daoist Qianfeng Double Cultivation of Essential Nature and Eternal Life blog’.


Translator’s Note: The English translation below is taken from the Chinese language blog of Qianfeng Daoist Master Zhao Ming Wang of Beijing – who has given me permission to carry this work. The mind and body appear to be two separate entities, but in essence they are inherently linked. Although within Daoist self-cultivation there exist specific techniques to train the body and to train the mind, in reality these methods are simply two distinct techniques for entering the same cultivated sense of unity that is not limited to itself. This is because a truly unified state allows for all and every form of diversity and is not simply a bland monism. In an uncultivated state everything appears disparate, apart, confrontary, painful to experience, and energy wasting. In the unified state – notions of one-sided ‘unity’ and ‘separation’ are transcended. Master Zhao Ming Wang beautifully explains this state of pristine being. ACW 18.8.15

Genuine self-cultivation can only be achieved after the mind has been developed through discipline. The mind is developed in two ways – by cultivating the permanent states of virtue and selflessness. Cause and effect is entirely dependent upon our own physical actions which produce either blessings or misfortune – but only the realised state of wuwei (non-action) in the mind and body is considered real. Even spirits and ghosts have their method – but their cycle of endless transformation is difficult to discern. Under the divine sky and across the broad-earth the body (and self) appear to exist and the body (and self) appear not to exist – within the world of illusion it is difficult to see this clearly. Meritous self-cultivation sees through the illusion of ghosts and spirits – and reveals that it is the human mind and body where true refinement is produced through genuine self-cultivation.

Qianfeng Daoist Hermitage: Zhao Ming Wang

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2015.

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