Qianfeng school of Internal Elixer Cultivation


Zhao Bi Chen and Liao Kong

The Qianfeng Daoist Pre Heaven school of Internal Elixer Cultivation (道家千峰先天派) is founded by Daoist Immortal Zhao Bi Chen (1860-1942). In his quest for the secrets of Daoist Internal Elixer Cultivation or neidan Zhao Bichen visited many masters. They were not all exclusively Daoist, as he placed equal weight on learning from Buddhists and Confucians alike.

Zhao Bichen met one of his most influential masters – Liao Kong – in 1885. Zhao Bichen received the essence of the Daoist dual cultivation practice of Xing and Ming from Liao Kong and this transmission effectively created the Qianfeng tradition.  In 1920, Liao Kong came to Beijing to give Zhao Bichen official permission to teach and openly receive students. Master Liao Kong, was a Buddhist monk who was the Abbot of a Buddhist temple on the outskirts of Beijing. It is interesting to note that as a Buddhist master, Liao Kong also was a Daoist master of the Quanzhen Longmen tradition.

Qianfeng Daoism strives to make accesible for everybody the Daoist Art of Internal Elixer Cultivation and Health Preservation (or neidan yangsheng gongfu). The aim is to promote health and longevity and ultimately to transcend the cycle of birth and death. This is done by reversing the natural life process of birth, aging and death to return to the original, unified and pristine state that existed before birth. Hence the Qianfeng School is denominated as Pre Heaven or xiantian (先天). This as opposed to the Post Heaven or houtian (后天) state after birth, in which we grow up, learn and accumulate, age and die.

By quieting our everyday heartmind (the first step in the Qianfeng system of self cultivation), we can return to a state of stillness, in which it is possible for our original prenatal mind or original spirit (that which existed before birth but becomes obscured by our everyday mind, our learnings and ideas etcetera) to come to surface. This is a vital ingredient to work with in the process of Internal Elixer Cultivation.

Nowadays Zhao Ming Wang, the great grandson of Zhao Bi Chen, continues to teach cultivation according to the Qianfeng system and welcomes all sincere students in his Qianfeng Cottage in Yangfangzhen just outside of Beijing.


Master Zhao Ming Wang and recently accepted students (18-2-2016) in his Qianfeng Cottage.